The Best of Natural Stone

kitchen trends 2017, countertop trends 2017
countertop trends 2017, kitchen trends 2017
Elegant Marble Back Splash, Tithof Tile & Marble, Houzz

When it comes to choosing the best natural stone for your interior residential project, three fundamental attributes must be considered, each of which will affect the functional enjoyment of the stone; durability, sustainability and beauty.

Durability “The look and durability of materials are the top reasons for selecting certain countertops and flooring,” according to the latest Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. Homeowners are making choices that will sustain heavy use, provide great functional opportunity while looking great for many years to come.

countertop trends 2017, kitchen trends 2017
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Natural stone is known for its durable qualities, inherent strength and abrasion resistance. A popular option for countertops, floors and other heavily used surfaces its desirable aesthetic qualities combined with strong performance keeps it a leading choice for interiors, according to The Natural Stone Institute.

“The best of natural stone is the stone itself.”

Granite, the hardest and most durable of the stone types, has become a standard option in new home construction and remodeling projects, in part driven by technology and ease of fabrication. Marble, an elegant and increasingly popular stone, is chosen more by consumers who desire not only the look of natural stone but also the durability, according to Houzz. Years ago, marble was a popular choice for entryways, hearths and bathrooms. Today, we are seeing marble in the kitchen as well.

countertop trends 2017, kitchen trends 2017
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Sustainability For the environmentally conscious homeowner, natural stone is a sustainable, 100 percent recyclable material. It does not off-gas or emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into your home, requires little or no maintenance and offers lasting durability. Natural stone ages well and is available regionally, which more than qualifies it as a sustainable material.

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Beauty Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Quartzite, Slate, Soapstone, Limestone (to name a few), each possesses a beauty of its own. The uniqueness of natural stone truly reflects the homeowners personal style, as no two slabs are alike.

The rhythmic motion in the veining, tone, coloring and design artfully imbues each slab with a distinctive style and “tempo.”  Beauty is about satisfying our senses as we make an emotional connection with the stone we choose. Personalizing our home is a strong decorating trend that is at the core of great interior design.

kitchen trends 2017, countertop trends 2017
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The benefits of natural stone extend well beyond the attributes of durability, sustainability and beauty. Upon installation, it supports the core activity of a functional home with ease.

The best of natural stone is the stone itself.

Thanks in part to MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute for supporting this post.

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