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Open Floor Plan, Taylor Morrison Home Builder
Open Floor Plan, Taylor Morrison Home Builder

New home builder trends are relevant not only for Boomers but for all home buyers searching with a long-term view or “aging in place” mindset. Many of the features highlighted in this home trend update are legitimate considerations for new home buyers of any age. Taylor Morrison Home Builders and Hanley Wood have partnered in driving the design and development of the NEXTAdventure model home that will debut at the International Builders Show in January 2017 according to Builder Magazine.

Home by Taylor Morrison
Home by Taylor Morrison
Home by Taylor Morrison
Home by Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison homes serve a wide variety of consumers with a focus on first-time, move-up, luxury, active lifestyle and 55+ buyers. This NEXTAdventure home will highlight current lifestyle and living preferences among the Boomer demographic by incorporating the features and factors that will influence the purchase of a new home.

On a broad scale, the top three factors that influence a purchase are area/location, price/affordability and the layout of the home according to the research findings conducted by The Farnsworth Group.

Once these qualifiers are met Boomers reveal a priority of lifestyle and design features that keep the door open towards making a purchase in a community as follows:

 first impressions when entering a new community | feeling welcome in the community | amenities | location | space | more openness and flow in the home | large common spaces with open floor plans | high ceilings | natural light | integrated indoor/outdoor space | sustainable and energy-efficient technology and materials | sufficient storage space

Open Floor Plan, Taylor Morrison Home Builder
Open Floor Plan, Taylor Morrison Home Builder

As for the actual floor plan and the importance of the rooms in the home, Boomers place the kitchen as the most important room in the house with the master bedroom and great room rounding out the top three rooms in the house.

Smart home integrated technology plays an important role as well with this 55+ group preferring wireless security systems, lighting that senses and adapts to you, smart thermostats and lighting controlled by a smart phone.

Indoor/Outdoor Living by Taylor Morrison
Indoor/Outdoor Living by Taylor Morrison

Home builders are listening to home buyers at every demographic level and Taylor Morrison Home is leading the way. I can’t wait to view the NEXTAdventure model home, hoping for a sneak peek. Be on the lookout for a follow-up to report my findings!

Additional Source: Hanley Wood, The Farnsworth Group



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