Decorating Trends 2015: New Home Design Trends

With an eye towards future decorating trends for 2015 there are certain categories we should pay attention to. This article will focus on new home design trends, specifically pocket neighborhoods that offer new homes by re-developing empty suburban tracts.

New Home Design Trends

Creating a sense of community is crucial in new builder developments, adaptability of interior space while creating a sense of privacy in dense, exterior spaces are the challenges that are being accomplished as home builders incorporate must-have’s that attract buyer’s to their developments.

Concord Riverwalk, Union Studio Architecture & Community Design
Concord Riverwalk, Union Studio Architecture & Community Design

The Builder’s Choice 2014 – Project of the Year features the Concord Riverwalk community located in West Concord, Massachusetts. Pocket neighborhoods like this one take advantage of redeveloping empty suburban tracts, in this case just under four acres and spaced about 15 feet apart, into an “an appealing, pedestrian-friendly community.”

Concord Riverwalk - Common Green Space
Concord Riverwalk – Common Green Space

The cluster of 13 homes face a common green and nest into each other. At the end of the row of cottages a fireplace and screened pavilion creates a communal space that can be used by the resident families for outdoor activities.

Concord Riverwalk - Open Floor Plan
Concord Riverwalk – Open Floor Plan

Large windows open the homes to southern light.

Concord Riverwalk - Kitchen View
Concord Riverwalk – Kitchen View

Kitchens are positioned on the north side and living spaces spill out to the south.

Concord Riverwalk - Stairway View
Concord Riverwalk – Stairway View

Smart design gives way to visual expanse of interior space with an offering of 1,340 square feet to 1,760 square feet complemented with a small front porches. Smart home, energy efficient qualities have fueled the popularity of this community that reflects the character of the town. Buyer’s that could afford bigger houses have been attracted to the project’s “low-impact mission, Powers says, resulting in sales prices that are higher per square foot than anything else selling at the time.” Sales prices run between $599,000 to $699,000.

Concord Riverwalk - Garage View
Concord Riverwalk – Garage View

Two cottages incorporate garages accessed from lower level.

As communities age, empty suburban tracts will provide increasing opportunities for appealing pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that are a welcome re-development of vacant spaces.

Although developers tend to build to a broader middle of the market there is a market and demand for communities similar to the Concord Riverwalk. The adaptive interior space, proximity to urban communities and energy-saving features make this an attractive option for those not seeking a full-fledged house.

For more information, please visit Builder’s Choice 2014.

Architect: Union Studio Architecture & Community Design

Developer: Green Development or Production Housing

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  1. I think this concept is awesome; i personally would prefer the front area of the homes (yard space) being maintained by an association (such as the common green space); less lawn maintenance for the homeowner.

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