Her Heart is Her Home | Reflection

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  Her Heart is Her Home She shaped her daughters, influenced her sons, a labor of love, a life fully worn. She is a mother, her heart is her home. As days move on, now years long gone, reflections of laughter, hide and seek foregone, hugs and kisses still going on. My mother shaped me […]

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Home By Design

Building a home and owning a house are two different assets and in the end its what you experience in your house that makes it a home. My childhood involved many house moves due to a military life that demanded a mobile family full of constant change. Military or base housing offered the basics although […]

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Heart of Design

The heart of design is a woman’s home In every space her family roams Through humble service she shares her love The very heart of God a gift from above For him and her, a spouse would say or a family made, a home displays Plans for color, space, and furnishings made Each room is […]

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