Table Top Decorating Trends: Part II

Photo by k.m.willis

As promised, ‘Table Top Decorating Trends: Part II’ is pleased to reveal to you the results of our (Loretta’s Interior Design) participation in a local community event, “Alpharetta’s Table ~ Decorating for the Holidays.” As we considered the simple instructions and design elements posted in Part I – let’s take a look at the results: […]

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Table Top Decorating Trends: Part I

Emily Post still rules when it comes to the etiquette of entertaining and commanding the proper ingredients for setting a grand table even in its simplest forms. I happen to have a copy of her tenth edition of Etiquette (the original edition was published in 1922) that gives item by item of ‘setting the table’ […]

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Kitchen Trends 2015: Countertops

As for interior spaces the kitchen I believe will forever be the most popular space in the home and we are always searching for the latest and greatest when our turn comes to update, renovate or build a brand new one. Countertops are one of the major investment elements following your cabinet choice and while […]

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