Flooring Trends 2016

Flooring trends have been impacted by eco-friendly initiatives that help create healthier homes. A survey conducted by Houzz entitled How Healthy is Your Home concludes that improving our home environment “is the next frontier in home renovation.” Flooring products that keep both environmental and human safety in mind is becoming a natural consideration in choosing… Read More Flooring Trends 2016

Designer Accessory Trends: Tray Chic

Trays are chic and retailers are paying attention to this trend. Originally designed for functional purposes used for carrying, holding or displaying articles, trays have taken on an entirely new look and feel. They have become an inspiring design element that easily adorns a room with a finishing touch, like jewelry, the last piece added… Read More Designer Accessory Trends: Tray Chic

Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Trends 2016

Sifting through the maze of product offerings for your kitchen or bath renovation can be just as overwhelming as finding finding professional help to complete the project. According to a recent Houzz Survey it is most challenging for Millennials and younger Baby Boomers. Staying on budget is a close second. Kitchen and bath cabinets are… Read More Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Trends 2016